Chia farmers - Wen Upgrade? Chia Wallets v2.3.0

I've been reading through the release notes on v2.3.0 and I was debating WHEN I should upgrade my wallet.
In the past, I would wait a couple of weeks because there is always a chance a bug might be found and a new release comes out.  I also had the experience where I would upgrade and go to sleep and find my farm had some problems.

Wen Upgrade?

I suspect that this upgrade will be mandatory around the end of July 2024 so at this time.  At the time of writing this blog, it is May 2nd and I think I'll wait until the beginning of June and monitor the chatter on X.  

Is it a Mandatory Upgrade?

I don't know but I interpret it from the highlighted text above that it's mandatory and I like that the Chia team is giving us about 3 months to do it.  I will surely upgrade before the soft fork around the end of July.
An important note is there is a security fix and although I like to get things patched up as soon as possible, I note that the release notes did not reveal the security issue to protect users and I have not heard that this is an urgent update.

Any Fix I Understand?

Nope.  Everything on the list is above my understanding.
On a side note, If you hae been following my blog on installing the ABA Wallet with Powershell, I did learn how to use the Install.ps1 in PowerShell to install wallets with CLI.
I would like to point out one FIX that I am interested in.  A few months ago, I did a Clawback and it was at the same time of the dust storm and the Clawback is just stuck.  It was only 0.1 XCH, but maybe I will have a chance to reclaim it with the new fix.

New Additions?

I'm sure the Python version is more important to developers, but with my recent experience in installing wallets with CLI, I found that Python 3.12 was not supported.

Anything helpful from me in this blog?

Maybe not, but here's my summary:

  1. Upgrade your Chia Wallet to v2.3.0 before the end of July
  2. Upgrade the farmer and all harvesters with the new version.
  3. WAIT for more news before doing it right away.

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