The 8bit8yo Chia Museum Visit

Growing up without Culture

I've never been to a museum all my life, unless you count the First Tim Horton's store located in Hamilton, Ontario. I took the Greyhound bus from Toronto for a few bucks looking for a job in Steel town only to find out soon that the Canadian steel industry would collapse. It's all good, I had fake ID so I could buy a pack of smokes and head over to the next town.

First Tim Horton's Store in Hamilton

By the time I got to this museum, it was already modernized.

8bit Museum

Today I visited my first museum named the 8bit Museum founded by a little purple guy names 8bit8yo.

Travel Instructions

I couldn't find it on Google Maps but here's the link anyway

Photos of my Visit

Here's some of the Photos I took with my Polaroid camera

I'm not culturally refined but no one's going to question my accuracy anyway.


'#HOFFRAT' Morph
(Space Ratz NFT)

'Lil Devil Monkey #301'

'recruits #001 : The Recruiter'

A picture of the only survivor at Pompei. There's a book on Amazon about her story.

The HOFF. I've never seen a Space Ratz with my own eyes, but the stories we are told...

The last known picture of Charles Darwin convincing us we look like him.

Never give up the dream for a part to be shot by a Stormtrooper.

What's the Buzz at the Museum?

There's an auction going on for a BatteKat

The 8 Bit Budget Gift Shop

I'm a little crypto broke, right now, but maybe I'll be back after selling a few views on my blog.
There's a cool gift shop at the Museum, I picked up a Slimey for 0.06 $XCH plus taxes.

It was actually an 8% Royalty to the artist but when you grow up in Canada, everything seems like a tax. I'm just glad the Government doesn't get their hands on this one.


8bit X Account
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8bit Museum
Miriam's Courageous Creativity on Amazon

Me and my Slimey NFT

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