Building my Chia Music Collection
Chia Music releases the first Album on Blockchain - Go for the GOLD!

Even better: Go for the Gold Halving Edition - Available for 24 Hours

BREAKING NEWS: The Chia Music Evolution Begins

Edward @anewformofmusic is one of my earliest friends on the Chia Network. I'm a big fan of his X Spaces, one of the most amazing personalities, all around super nice guy, and a visionary in the Music Blockchain space. How do you disrupt a huge mega industry controlled by the few wealthy? You do it on the Chia Network, not just with great technology and leaders, but a group of talented developers who are great guys, and a vibrant generous community who comes on X and Discord everyday participating in the fast every changing dynamic Chia ecosphere.

Today is the big launch of the first Music Album launched in the DataLayer.

Listen to the Music on the Datalayer

You're going to see some familiar names on the artists list.


Here are their X handles. Please follow them all

@JoeWall80681379 | @Nature | @anewformofmusic | @jazz_chess | @GeraldNeale | @ArtwithHeartNFT | @dylanmrose | @DonMarsh1970 | @DonMarsh1970 | @MonkeyMondo

Surprise: The EverGreen King records Track 6 - Embrace

More importantly, build your music collection on MintGarden

Head over to the MintGarden Chia Music Official DID

Listen Live on the NFT

Guess who bought #2?

Pro-tip: Create a DID for your Music Collection and have easy access to all your Music NFTs

Important Announcement from Edward

The Gold Halving Edition Sale is only for 24hours. At the time of this Blog, you have less than 23 hours left.
The Regular Gold Edition Sale is only for 1 Month.

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