The Chia Network Acquires Dr. Plotter

I haven't been this excited as a Chia Farmer since my first block win.  This is big news and you can read about it at the following link but for those who never click links, let's go over some of the news together:

Chia Network Acquires DrPlotter Technology and Expertise

  1. The New Plot Format has not been announced yet!
  2. Bladebit?  Nothing is confirmed yet
  3. Compression is not mandatory
  4. Removing Fees Tool to be released in the future - No Replotting!

Your Questions Answered: DrPlotter and You

  1. Some parts will be open sourced sooner than later
  2. 24GB VRAM GPU required (Nvidia RTX 3090 or 4090)
    I would include in this that you will need 2 GPUs.
  3. The new plot format will try to limit further compression as much as possible
  4. No Decision if you have to run your own DrServer or have a token-support online server
  5. Windows support coming but performance is expected to be lower
  6. 2 GPUs is recommended.  One for Plotting and one for the server
  7. New Plot format to support AMD.  CPU only is still not know.
  8. Removing the developer fee tool should be available soon

DrPlotter GitHub

I have been avoiding buying 24GB VRam GPUs waiting for the new plot format and news from CNI but the direction seems to be getting more clear after this acquisition that we may need to purchase a couple of Nvidia RTX 3090s at the minimum.  I'm not sure if I will want to save enough for the RTX 4090s because of the high price difference.  I look forward to using DrPlotter and I will make videos and include all my screw ups in trying to get it working.  It might be mentally healthy as well, everytime you get a BLOCK WIN email you get nervous to see if the block reward is taken by the MadMax developer fee.  The developer fee for Dr.Plotter will be 0%.

Here's the GitHub if you're interested in reading more about Dr. Plotter.  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch a technically challenged person build a massive Chia farm. 


ABA Dual Farming?

On a side note: I'm a big fan of the ABA Project and I will try my best to get information if DUAL farming will be available with the new plot format as farmers migrate from Gigahorse to DrPlotter.  Currently, most farmers are using Gigahorse which are not compatible, so with the new plot format coming, it will be worth investigating.

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