Verify Pulsechain Wallets on Chia to get your DWB token airdrops

The PulseChain $DWB Airdrop Claim


Chia $DWB Airdrops for Pulsechain Wallets

Pulsechain wallets that hold $DWB can verify thir wallets on the TangGang Discord and receive $DWB tokens airdrops on the Chia network. All you need is a Chia Wallet Address.

Get a Chia Wallet

  1. Chia Official Wallet
    Use Linux or Windows and choose the full or lite node.  The full node can take some time to sync but it would be supporting the network

  2. Goby App
    This is a chrome/brave extension and will open up the doors to easy minting NFTs, accessing cool websites like

  3. Frodo Wallet
    Mobile or Web Wallet.  Easy to install and use

  4. Pawket Wallet
    Mobile or Web Wallet.  Easy to install and use

  5. Ozone Wallet
    Mobile Wallet

For new users that prefer mobile wallets, my personal preference is the Frodo Wallet
Easy to install and supports the Chia Network and the ABA Network 

To keep track of token airdrops, the Ozone Wallet does a great job in managing tokens.

The Verification Process

After you download and install any Chia Wallet visit the TangGang Discord

Click on Authorize to Proceed

Connect Wallets

After Authorizing your Pulsechain wallet, enter your Chia XCH Wallet Address


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