Chia Gigahorse Native GUI Wallet - Avoid the Circle of Death

The Gigahorse GUI Wallet

One of the most frustrating things that Chia farmers face when using MadMax software is losing the ability to see their Chia wallet GUI. I'm a long time Windows user and I like seeing how little XCH I really have, and seeing all the tools such as the harvesters and the plot count and I surely don't want to use command line to send transactions. MadMax has released the Gigahorse Native GUI and this is looking pretty good. You get the exact same feel of the Official Chia Wallet and GH is built into the wallet.

I'm not using it for my farm because MadMax updates are frequent and I don't want to make farming a full time job updating and rolling back. I've adapted to the Linux farming life and don't want to make a change when everything has been running so smoothly for several months. It doesn't mean I won't install it in the future, but for now, this version is a pass.


I installed it on a test PC last week and it was smooth and fast. I recently received a message from a subscriber. They said they can install the Chia GUI fine but when they installed the GH GUI, it would endlessly loop at "Loading Configuration".

In my head, I was thinking, OMG, I tested this, it's working, but in my heart, I don't mind helping troubleshoot. Karma is a bitch. I fell into the same trap and couldn't install the GH GUI. I reproduced someone else's error by accident.


I wasn't in my proper mindset. When I build my farmer and harvester, I have a checklist that I follow and everything gets installed. I wasn't even thinking that this package would be required as well for the GUI.

sudo apt install ocl-icd-libopencl1
Anyone Else?

Well, don't let our pain be for nothing. Here I am making a video and blogging about it, because we can't be the only 2 people who see am endless spiral when loading the GUI and thinking the worst.

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