KEPLR Wallet Installation

My portfolio which is just a few tokens is mainly XCH, BTC, and ETH.  I made a video a few times that I was buying a little bit of Bitcoin each week and they commented that I am losing so much money on fees.  I explained that I buy WBTC on the Cosmos network so my fees are very tiny and so this leads me into introducing the KEPLR Wallet installation.

By the way, the Chia bridge is coming.  Soon, we will be able to hold other assets on the Chia network.  Even better, the world will be able to hold Chia on other networks.

The KEPLR Website

Make sure you check the URL and you are on

You the link at the Top Right and click on the Install KEPLR button
This link will take you to the following URL

Selecting your Installation

I'm using the BRAVE browser so I will select CHROME

Installing the Extension

The chrome extension takes you to the Google Extension site
Just click on Add to Chrome or in my case, Add to Brave


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XCH Address: xch1m059af0f5h9y9fkn263daz7tp6k3cj470kgn486c4024mhmp9hqszshxyr

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