Chia Farming - Adding Computer Power

If you need find your partials are taking longer to be validated you may be approaching the max limit of plots your GPU can support. One option to add more plots is to use the RECOMPUTE service to add to your farm.

Instruction can be found at

You can select any setup as the method to add computer power is the same.

In my setup, I don't use my farmer GPU but in all my harvesters, I use all the GPUs for computer power

Collect IP Addresses

Get a list of all your IP addresses that you want to use for recompute power.

In my example, I will use the following setup and we will use all computers for recompute.

Harvester 1:
Harvester 2:

Start the Recompute

On all your computers we will start the recomputer services

Export Computers with Plots

Any computer that had plots that want to use the recomputer plots have to be exported.
In this example we will export all computers

On your farmer:


On your harvester 1:


On your harvester 2:

Create a List of Recompute Hosts

This will be a list of all recompute hosts.
Run this on all your computers: The Farmer, harvester1, and harvester2

That's it

Your recompute servers should start automatically

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