Earn HOA - Stake XCH-HOA LP using the OzoneWallet and receive HOA staking rewards

This was my first time using the Ozone Wallet and the interface and setup is just amazing. The Ozone Wallet is a mobile app so I guess there are different challenges but now that I have it installed on my phone, I'm going to explore using it more frequently.

NO SPOILERS and NO REVIEW Here, this Blog is about HOA LP STAKING

This Post by Tom Pepe alerted me to the new HOA earnings opportunity.

Marvin's Post has a really fast video on how to Stake your HOA LP.
You can check out the video on his X Post here.

Download the Ozone Wallet from the Google Store or the Apple Store

Download the App
Create Password
Create Wallet

Make sure you add the XCH-HOA CAT ID in your Wallet

The CAT ID is : 7ccf260808c1c3b8d87e02ea2f8df9cf71d793b62c6cb42bd654aa289410f9b5

If you goto SpaceScan and search your address, under tokens you will see your LP tokens

You can then click on that token or copy the Asset ID

Click on Sprout
Click on HOA
Select LP

Before you leave

Check out my TangGang Fan Art for the Video

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