Creating the ECHO token on ABA with the FRODO Wallet is easy

A couple of months ago, I create the $MUSIC token on the Chia Blockchain for pennies and within minutes using the FRODO wallet.
Recent upgrades of the FRODO wallet, now support the ABA chain and creating tokens on ABA.  In this tutorial, we will be creating the ECHO token on the ABA chain.

Chia #MUSIC Token ABA $ECHO Token

Select the ABA Network

Make sure that you click the down arrow and you select the ABA network.

The ABA Faucet works!

By the way, if you need some ABA, you can click on the 'Get some free ABA' and it will take you to the faucet.
The reason I'm excited about this is because on the Chia Network, you needed a Master Key which you could only get if you use the Official Chia Wallet.

Create Token dAPP

The Wallet GUI is simple and you just need to scroll to the bottom and click on the 'Create Token' dAPP

Create the Token

All the fields are very intuitive.
Your address is automatically populated, the Amount of ABA you use determines how many tokens will be created.  In my case, I use 0.29 ABA and it will generate 290,000,000 ECHO Tokens.  Just click on Create Token

Confirm the Transaction

On the next page just confirm the tranaction.  Note that the Frodo Wallet has already added the Asset ID of the Echo token

My first ABA Token

That's it for this blog.  If you have a project coming up and you want to make TOKENS as part of your offerings, make sure you have the Frodo Wallet and with pennies, you can create your own token and use it as part of your marketing strategy.

Anyone want some free ECHO tokens?