Onboarding Chia with the Frodo Wallet and a free Namesdao NFT name

Getting Started

One of the best ways to join Chia is to use the Frodo Wallet. In this video and blog, I go through the following:

  1. Download the Frodo Wallet and create a Chia Wallet
    You can get more information about the Frodo Wallet from their official website

  2. Use the Chia Faucet and receive some XCH.
    We'll be using the Chia faucet

  3. Create a free Namesdao NFT Name which will be your wallet identity
    The Frodo Wallet will direct you to the Official Namesdao website

Step 1: Download the Frodo Wallet and create your Account

In this example, I own an Android phone so I will be downloading from the Google Play Apps Store
Another great feature that I haven't explored yet is the Frodo Wallet has a browser version

Install Frodo
Create a Wallet
Create a Password
Write down your secret Phrase

Step 2: Get XCH from the Chia Faucet

This is the longest part of the setup as the Chia faucet has a lot of security to fend off bots.

Get Free XCH
Use Chia Faucet Mojo Jo Jo
Complete the faucet Steps

Step 3: Create a Namesdao Name

We'll be searching for a .xch name from the official website and here you will also be able to review the pricing for various different names. In this example, everyone can get their free Namesdao NFT starting with 3 underscores "___"

Get a free Namesdao NFT
Check Availability
Copy/Paste the Instructions
Create the Transaction

That's it, check out your Namesdao NFT

What's Next?
  1. Add your .xch name to your X account so everyone will know your Chia Wallet Address

  2. Visit and check out everything about Chia

  3. Start creating NFTs on

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  5. Follow on X

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  6. URLs to Bookmark

    Namesdao Website:
    Frodo Website:
    Frodo Github:

My thoughts on onboarding with Frodo
  1. The Official Chia faucet using a Master Public Key is a bottleneck on receiving a mojo as mobile wallets do not have the ability to see their Master Public Key.

  2. The Mojo-jo-jo faucet has too many steps and a frightening pop-up

  3. The Frodo wallet is easy to setup and easy to use.

  4. The Frodo wallet integration with Namesdao Names gives Chia a welcome feature to the crazy long XCHaddressthatcanneverbeusedverbally

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