2.2.1 Giga35 Gigahorse 3.0 Node/Farmer Release - Time to update to the latest GH

From Giga31 to Giga35

Our current GH version is the Giga31 and there have been many new version released in the past couple of weeks. The new version is Giga35 and I have already upgraded and it's running well for the past 24 hours.

I'm still using a GTX 1080 (not the TI version) and it can farm about 0.35 PiB with a difficulty over 670.
I'm plotting C31 plots and it's going to take me quite a long time with my old equipment so I will consider moving to C33 after a few months. One reason that I want to continue to use my current equipment is the new plot format that will make plots harder to compress. High end GPUs may not be needed and if I spend $3000 on a couple of RTX video cards, I may take a long time to recoup the money back.

Turing (CC 7.5) Farming Improvements

For those that have RTX GPUs, you're going to get farming performance upgrades by upgrading to at least GIGA32 by up to 10%. This is great because it will allow you to have more plots per GPU.

CUDA Upgrade!

The new Nvidia driver needed is now a minimum 525.60.13 due to the update to CUDA 12.0. I am a little behind on the driver but the farm is still running without any problems.

To check your current Nvidia driver you can run


I'll be making a video upgrading the Nvidia driver and I'll tell you which version and if it crashes my farm, you'll be the first to know.

GH GUI looks great

A notable release is the GH GUI Wallet. I believe it replaces the need to install the Chia Official Wallet. I don't exactly know because I briefly looked at it. I will be making a video to install and take a look at the GH GUI Wallet.

MadMax Github:


1. Updating the Nvidia Drivers

2. Installing the new GH GUI Wallet

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