Gigahorse 3.0 Farming Series - Part 1: Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I remember the good ol' OG days when farming was new and everyone helped each other. It spawned a YouTube star like Digital SpacePort, the Chia Reddit was full of questions and just as many good and bad answers but it was hard to hit a block, there were no pools, and if we didn't win a block we thought we were doing something wrong. Everyone learned to find the DEBUG log but many did not know how to read and understand it. Yes, these were the good ol' days.

When I started my first MadMax compressed plotting, I found that many farmers were left behind. Some were waiting for BladeBit to catch up, some found it complex like I did, and then came NoSSD. The forgotten soon emerged and NoSSD provided exceptional service in helping farmers compete in the compression wars.

A few months later, I decided to VLOG my farming journey but I hesitated because I am not in the position to offer sound advice. It was only recently that I installed my first Ubuntu Desktop image. Luckily, I asked questions on X, and got several replies and also few that told me I can ask for help anytime. Humbly, I didn't burden them too much but I wanted to carry on their community spirit and stopped caring if I am doing it right, wrong, or inefficiently, and started to VLOG my entire messy and embarrassing setup.

What great timing. MyXch.Space gave me a blogging platform and a Links page and everyone who watches my bad videos can now get an edited written version.

Today I start the Gigahorse 3.0 Farming Series. You don't have to join NoSSD, and you can follow my amateur farming methods because I know it works even if I'm not sure why. I'm going to start with a New Wallet, New Farmer, and New Harvesters, and continue the spirit of the Chia farmers community that helped each other get to where we are today 3 years later and just past our fist halving celebration. No farmer that wants to farm should be left behind or be forgotten.

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