Green Wallet Chia now supports NamesDao NAMES

Green Wallet now supports NamesDao Names. 
In this video and blog, I install the Green Wallet for the first time and try to send NFTs and Tokens with .xch NameDao Names.

In Google Play, search for "Green App Chia"

Follow through by adding a new wallet or importing one

When completed transactions if you do not see your XCH balance change,
close the app and restart it.

I was able to send CEO Gene Hoffman an NFT using his NamesDao address hoffmang.xch
Note, I had to restart the app to refresh the transaction.

One of the cool features is the option to add the address
to your address book before executing the transaction

My favorite part of the app is the Green Wallet
asks you for your password before executing the transactions

The NAME token is already in the list of tokens to import.  

Emma, Cal, and I share thecryptoecho.xch NamesDao name.
Since I exposed our mnemonic phrase, we will send the balance
using or NamesDao name.

I couldn't find a MAX button, so I just estimated it
with the Spendable balance and the fee.

I closed the app and restarted it torefresh my total

The Green Wallet is very good. 
It's easy to install and setup, and with the NamesDao integration,
it's going to be a popular choice pending annoying refresh issue.