thecryptoecho Feature Updates

There's some amazing new features on that I discovered on their discord channel

You can go to the feature-updates channel and see the latest changes. 


The New Blog Editor Image and Code Block is Amazing

 I indented this on purpose to show you how I can move the columns

I just wanted to take the time and go over them and also I have no ideas for new content right now.
This is also my first blog since the changes so I'm just getting use to it.

The first major change is the Blog Editor now uses TinyEditor from TipTap Editor

1. I can now resize my images with the mouse

2.  I can copy and paste images to the blog instead of saving them and uploading them.

3. I can move the columns on the Tables

4. The Code block previous had some issues but it looks much sexier now and has no issues



Edit the XCH Amount for Donations

The next change is the defauly XCH_Amount can be changed in the Pay Location

I have a problem asking for donations so I will just leave it as the default.

Add other Crypto Addresses 

The title says it all!  This is an amazing feature arriving just in time for the ABA Project

There are instructions at the following support link

What are records? 
I'm going to follow the instructions and do it now on this blog.


Security is awesome.  You have to sign the Record so no one else can modify it

Here;s the Record that I added for the ABA Wallet. I'll probably edit this page so my XCH address will also show in the same place. is my favourite Chia app.  I tried starting a YouTube channel but every time I make a video, everyone comes straight to my Blog.  Viewership is consistently 300% higher using and you get the Chia Brand immediately with their subdomain.

Follow the Mayor of Abandoned Land

Follow the Account

Join their discord for the latest updates

And get on board and create your Profile by joining  
It doesn't matter which crypto ecosphere you are in.  This is the best value and marketing tool.
You'll thank me later.

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