Hi Everyone,

Recently I asked Steve @steppsr for his XCH address and he fashionably sent a link to a really cool page that I never seen before. He introduced me to and while he was explaining the features of this amazing project, I was already on another browser tab trying to find my way onto this project. By the time I got back to the conversation, Steve said, "It would make a good video." and I already had OBS Studio open ready to start my journey into building my Online Profile, Adding my Website Links, and starting my Blogging career.

How do you want to be known?

I want to be a Blogger, and, even in the early stages of development, gives me an entire platform of the tools that I need to start my blogging career. It's more than just a blogging site and you're in control of monetizing your posts.

Let's Start Building

This is my EMPTY LINKS PAGE. Follow me on X @thecryptoecho to know when I post a new blog on and let's share tips on building great spaces on myxch.spaces.

Registering on MYXCH.SPACE YouTube Video

There is a problem with the embedding right now but I'll leave it here until I can resolve it.

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