Profile Setup

Starting from here:

Want to get to here:

Click on the Profiles Tab and then Edit User

Here are some of the cool feature you can add on your Profile

Alternate XCH Address: xch1m059af0f5h9y9fkn263daz7tp6k3cj470kgn486c4024mhmp9hqszshxyr

Discord Name: thecryptoecho

Chia DID and toggle to display a link to MintGarden: did:chia:19k3c6228k0l5eazrpl9ykmlslahyc6vpqg8wl8gd87wtu3slzc0q42ynyu

X/Twitter and toggle to display a link to X: @thecryptoecho

Website and toggle to redirect your website from page: Nothing for me

I chose to update these fields first, save changes and sign the message with Goby.

I then came back to complete the following:

Avatar Upload

Pro-tip: Make sure you click the "x" first to upload your Avatar. You might not see it as it is white on the light part of the Chia leaf.

Bio: I'm making YT videos mostly on Chia. They are not that good but the Chia Community has been supportive and I try to find ways to make them better. I'm now excited to be a Chia Blogger thanks for MyXCH.Space. This platform is wicked.

Pro-tip: Don't write a long essay. Otherwise all your links on the profile will get pushed down off the screen.

The Final Results

My Pay Profile

My LINKS Page has 2 of my Links automatically populated.

In my NEXT Blog, I will get some ideas to populate for the LINKS Page.

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XCH Address: xch1m059af0f5h9y9fkn263daz7tp6k3cj470kgn486c4024mhmp9hqszshxyr

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