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What to Bring to the Registration Line

Goby Wallet

If you don't have a Goby Wallet I'll make a post how to install one at a later date. You can visit and download the extension and it most cases should be a very simple setup.


Surf to the website

Connect to Goby

Click on Goby to connect to the A pop-up will appear on Goby to Approve Connection

Registering your Name

Click on the Register Tab, enter the name you want to register and then click on the Register button below.

Here is a snapshot of the registration pricing

Sign Quote and Mint

Click on the Sign Quote and Mint Button. If you get an error or do not see the button, make sure you Click on Connect to Goby first.

Follow up by signing on the Goby Pop-up

Taking the Offer

After about 3 minutes, the TAKE OFFER button will appear. Click on the Take Offer Button

I prefer to use the Custom Fee of 0.001 XCH. Pay your fee by clicking Sign


You will be re-directed to the login page and alternatively you can click the LOGIN tab.

Your MyXCH Login name is your name only

e.g. thecryptoecho and not

NOTE: You may need to wait 5 minutes to login after registration


You made it to the

Next blog we're going to start populating our Profile and Links and start Blogging

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