Chia Namesdao forwarding your website link with service

After obtaining your xch Namesdao name, if you have a website, you can use the limo service to forward your limo address to your website. In my case, I don't have a website but I have this blog and a seldom visited YouTube channel. I did a live video on how I, without and technical background got the limo service working to forward to this blog.


Namesdao limo website:

4 Steps

Step 1 and Step 2: Create a DID and move your Namesdao NFT to your profile

If you don't know how to do this yet, you can watch the video when I explain it briefly. In short, open up the Chia Official Wallet, click on settings, on the DID Tab, you should see the Create DID button

Step 3: Find your Wallet ID

Surprisingly to me, this was just a simple Integer.

chia wallet show

Step 4: WINDOWS - Creating the Powershell Script

You'll see in the video I really struggled running a JSON script.

Pro-tip: Use NOTEPAD++

Open up Notepad++ and copy the code.

    "wallet_id": "FILL_ME_IN",
    "metadata": {
        "namesdao": "{\"FILL_ME_IN.xch\": {\"dns\": {\"default\": [{\"type\": \"CNAME\", \"host\": \"@\", \"value\": \"www.FILL_ME_IN\", \"ttl\": \"3600\", \"priority\": \"1\"}]}}}"
    "fee": "5"

Note that there are 2 FILL ME IN sections

Under ENCODING, select UTF-8

Save the files as instructed as "namesdao_dns_config.json"

Run the following command, wait for the transaction to complete and run it again

.\chia rpc wallet did_update_metadata -j "LOCATION\namesdao_dns_config.json"

Step 5: LINUX

It's so much easier. No Powershell script

chia rpc wallet did_update_metadata '{"wallet_id": FILL_ME_IN, "metadata": {"namesdao":"{\"FILL_ME_IN.xch\":{\"dns\":{\"default\":[{\"type\":\"CNAME\",\"host\":\"@\",\"value\":\"www.FILL_ME_IN\",\"ttl\":3600,\"priority\":1}]}}}"}, "fee": 5}'
That's it

You can now visit my Blog by going to

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