Chia Farmers - The Plot Filter Reduction is Halving in June -MUST READ - Must PREPARE

Understanding the Chia Plot Filter Reduction: A Guide for Farmers

The Chia Network is set to introduce a significant update to its blockchain protocol in June 2024, known as the plot filter reduction. This change is poised to have a considerable impact on Chia farmers worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into what the plot filter reduction entails, its scheduled timing, the reasons behind it, and how farmers can prepare for it.


What is the Chia Plot Filter Reduction?

The Chia plot filter reduction is a protocol update that will decrease the plot filter size by half. The plot filter is a mechanism that determines which plots are eligible to win a block at each signage point. Currently, the filter size is 512, but with the upcoming reduction, it will be halved to 256.

When Will it Happen?

The first plot filter reduction is scheduled to occur at block 5,496,000, which is expected to be reached in June 2024. This event is part of a recurring update cycle that will see the plot filter size halved every three years, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Chia blockchain.

Why Will it Happen?

The rationale behind the plot filter reduction is to discourage plot grinding, a practice where farmers create numerous plots to increase their chances of passing the filter. This behavior can lead to centralization and inefficiencies within the network. By reducing the plot filter size, the Chia Network aims to promote a more sustainable and fair farming environment.

Preparing as a Farmer

As a Chia farmer, it’s crucial to prepare for the increased workload that will result from the plot filter reduction. Here are some steps you can take:

The plot filter reduction is a forward-thinking move by the Chia Network to maintain a robust and equitable blockchain. By understanding and preparing for these changes, farmers can continue to contribute to the network’s success while optimizing their own operations.

The Plot Filter Reduction will double the load on the farm.  Here are some options

  1. Add more GPU/CPU Power
    I'll will be adding another GPU to my farm and make a video on using the Chia Recompute Service
  2. Raise the Difficulty depending on your plots and compression level
    I'll will add a quick blog on where to find this on
  3. If you need to, remove plots or hard drives
    Don't eBay your hard drives.  When Michael Taylor's DataLayer incentive program comes out, you will be able to earn tokens with your disk space
  4. Replot to a lower compression level
    Do what you have to do but it's too much work for me

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