The Chia Community are a bunch of Ratz

I'm not sure where to start with the SpaceRatz NFT Collection.  It just has a long history and recently I met chudson.xch.
Please make sure to give him a follow on X.  Is it weird that I was most fascinated about him is that he's a CHEF?  Here is his Chia Chef Profile on X as well.

SpaceRatZ on Mintgarden

I've been trying to do some research on the Space RatZ and found some of his collections.


The Gen1 Space RatZ sold out in 1 day when Gene Hoffman accepted Ratz Tokens and everyone followed it with 120 tokens.


The Gen2 Space RatZ consisting of 333 NFTs sold out within 24 hours at a price floor of 2.5 XCH and for holders of GEN1 they received a nice discounted price of 2 XCH


The Gen3 Space Ratz had a 666 print run at an affordable price of 1.25 XCH and 333 was burned.

Here is another collection of the Space Ratz with a floor is 3 XCH

And finally the Space Ratz NFT GEN 3 Collection.  There's still a lot of Space Ratz available at the 1 XCH Floor Price.


Negative People are always going to be Poor

I remember when I used to watch the Poor Investor's YouTube Channel and he had the latest news and helped people farm Chia.  What happened to him?  Personally, I stopped watching his channel to avoid the negative energy he was creating around me.  A lot of people invested a lot of time and money in their hardware to farm Chia, and I felt that his videos built a doom and gloom scenario each episode that I just didn't need.  Aside from that, he's pretty talented and entertaining.  You should check out his YT channel

Anyway, this is cool, the Poor Investor was an early Collector of the SpaceRatz

The BATGAN NFT Collection

Here's one of my favourite Space Ratz and it was a collab with @sethjenks 

Love Machine IPA Silver Branch?

I have no idea how the Space Ratz is part of the Love Machine but you had me at IPA.
This is a Space Ratz collab with  iamthehotfire.xch

The Digital SpacePort Space Ratz Interview

The Digital Spaceport YouTube is simply the best YouTube channel for hi-tech Chia farming.  I used to love watching his interviews but this channel has evolved into amazing  content that I could only dream about owning newwer tech.  If you're serious about farming Chia, you need to make sure you subscribe to his channel.

Here's the link to the Space Ratz Interview

Chia in China Talks Space RatZ

Here's one of the coolest teams in Chia talking Space RatZ.

History is important

There's a reason why people flex that they are OGs because history is important.  The Chia Network is now over 3 years old, and what you find amazing about about Chia is that most of the OGs are still here as developers, artists, or farmers.  For me, I started as a farmer and started to VLOG my farming journey a few months ago, and even with my bad video productions, I get to meet the best of the past OGs like chudson, the evolution of Chia with the TangGang, the raid from the PulseChain, and OG Gene and OG Bram is going to take us to the future.

That't it for this quick video/blog.  Some links to follow below:

chudson - SpaceRatz Creator 
Chia Chefs - chudson in whites
Space Ratz Collections on Mintgarden
Gene Hoffman - The Ratz King
Bram Cohen - The Quietiest Ratz
Tom Pepe - The TangGang Ratz
TangGang Discord - Did you know chudson is a TangGang Admin?

The Crypto Echo YT - Why does everyone watch the videos and never subscribe?
Steve @ XCHDEV YT - This new YT channel is going to be the biggest Chia YT channel ever.  Please click on subscribe