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The $MUSIC token has been airdropped

Before you begin

If you want to know how to create your token on Chia, here's the link to the blog that precedes this one.

About the video

I created a token on the Chia network using the Frodo wallet for just pennies and in less than 1 minute. I offered it to the community and the response was overwhelming and then I felt a little embarrassed that it had no value, no utility, and to make it worse, no logo and no description.

I've been silent the past couple of days learning how to make he token more appealing. I accept it will have no value, but personally, I don't like seeing tokens in my wallet that have blank logos, so I checked out and they have a Walletconnect integration to allow us to edit our tokens by ourselves.

The Official Chia Wallet

You'll need the Official Chia Wallet. Although our token was created with the mobile Frodo Wallet, you can use the mnemonic phrase to install the wallet on the Official Chia Wallet. Make sure to download the wallet from the Official website

Get your Connect Wallet LINK from Spacescan

Surf to the website and click on the Connect Wallet button to get the connection link

You're going to see a QR Code, but you don't need to scan it, just click on the COPY TO CLIPBOARD link at the bottom

You can then go to the Chia Wallet and in the top right corner, click on the Wallet Connect logo

Paste the link you copied from the QR Code and click continue. You can then follow through by selecting your wallet until you receive the CONNECTED message

You can now go back to Spacescan and you will see your profile. Click o it and then select My Tokens

Click on IMPORT TOKEN and you can copy and paste your Chia Asset Token ID

The Rest is up to you.

What's Next?
  1. Nvidia Driver Update for Farmers: It's not as simple as I thought. After following the Nvidia website, my system crashed.

  2. I hear Frodo Wallet has some big upgrades coming.

  3. Ben from Namesdao has a new project coming up and said he will let me in on it. Maybe I will be able to YoutTube/Blog it.

  4. Any requests?

  5. I found an interesting NFT project that I will look further into from Joan Marshall.

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