NFT Artists and Collectors need to pay attention to the Sub 1K

Chia NFTs are hot and you're going to keep hearing the same thing forever into the future, I wish I had a Chia Friend, do you know how much the OG SpaceRatZ are selling for now?  To make it worse, they are still trading and it's not getting any more affordable.  Welcome to the Sub 1K.  

Recently the Ordinals launched and there are a lot of questionable art.

The very first Bitcoin Logo for just under $3,000,000

Want everyone to know you love Trump for $700,000

It's 420.  If you don't know by now, it's Mary Jane.  If you still don't know by now, it's Weed for $700,000

This is the Power of the Sub 1K NFTs.  

I'm not encouraging anyone to turn the Sub 1000 into a shit-show, but being early and being in the Sub 1K is going to be the best marketing  to tag along with your OG status.  Bring your best art, and bring it NOW because the Sub 1K race has already started with some of the most prominent Chia Artists.  

The First ABA NFT Collection

The Wacky Wonky Vixens by Steve Step is already going down in history as the very first NFT Collection and the very first ABA NFT sale.

Steve Step Steals the #2 Spot as well

Steve Step doesn't just create history, he makes it unforgettable with the MEGA ULTRAS Multiverse, the 2nd collection every minted on ABA

I hate Snakes but I love the Noodles

Chia's MadderHat minted the Danger Noodle Collection and has been one of the greatest supporters helping early ABA adopters get their wallets started and minting on ABA.  

The Best Sub 1K Collection on ABA... NOT!

I might be a little biased but the best Sub 1K Collecton on ABA is the Zombie Friends 


I mind as well plug the rest of my Sub-1K Collections

The Knock-Off Tee-shirts and Photo Bomb.
The very first Photo Bomb was purchased by the ABA Museum.  

Pro-tip: Start collecting my Photo Bomb NFTs as they get minted for 1 ABA


Even if you are not an Artist, you're going to want to have some of the following NFTs in your collection
The following 2 Collections may be the Gold Standard for the Sub 1K

The Most Value Robots

Steve Step's Randy Robots might be the most valuable collection ever to be created in the Sub 1K

The Famous Works of Miriam joins the ABA Sub 1K

Miriam is already famous in the Chia NFT ecosphere and now she is part of the Sub 1K on ABA

What Happens after 1K?

How to get in on the Sub 1K Gold Rush?

Use my ABA Links Page

  1. Follow the Team
  2. Download the Wallet
  3. Follow the instructions to Mint NFTs
  4. Join the Discord and post your Offers

Pro Tip #2

I'm a Sub 1K buyer so bring your best work and start posting the offers on Discord before ABA explodes.

You're going to want to take selfies and be a part of the ABA History.