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Hi Everyone,

Every Sunday after work, I look forward to reading This Week in Chia and then one day I was thinking that it's even cooler to make a YouTube video clicking on the links and reading some of the details. Then MyXch.Space started and I always wanted have a Blog, but now that it's here, I don't have many ideas, but one thing is consistent, I always have a treasure chest of information on Steve Steppsr's This Week in Chia Website. A lot of the information is complicated for a non-technical person such as myself but if you're a fan of Chia or a Chia Maxi like me, you just keep on reading, and slowly things start to make sense.

Since I stopped following Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cosmos, the prices of crypto wasn't as exciting. The Chia community developers, CEO Gene Hoffman's interviews and memes, Tom Pepe and the TangGang, and all the NFT artists are more exciting than shilling your shit coins trying to sucker other people to buy into your bad investments.

This Week is a different me. XCH has hit a new all time high in market cap. Well, I don't have a lot of XCH but I'm stacking as best as I can. I have a huge Chia Farm that family and friends pay me a small percentage for building and maintaining, my sister makes some NFTs, YouTube will never pay me, but I have received quite a bit of generous support from the Chia community, and now I get to work on the MyXch.Space Blog which I received my first support donation a couple of days ago. What's the point? You don't have to be a developer to add value to a project. Want proof? My dad types with 2 fingers and use his thumbs for the space bar, he gets lost in thoughts as he records our YouTube ideas, and he says minimize editing the videos because it's authentic or we think he just doesn't know how.

We're really excited about the MintGarden Web Minting. I'm a big fan of using the Goby Wallet and I recently noticed that the Minting option disappeared on MintGarden but it was recently announced that web minting has launched. Now we don't have to launch the Official Chia Wallet and sync it with MintGarden Studios. Check out their uber cool video

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