Install the Chia Official Wallet on Windows
Run a Full Node
Flex on TangGang

Installing an Official Chia Wallet with a Full Node is important, not just for the network decentralization, but also to get the full Chia experience.

Chia Website

Download the Wallet on the Official Chia Website at

Windows Installer

Click on the Windows Installer to start the Download


Pro tip:  Downloading the checkpoint can save you weeks to sync the full node.  Just keep scrolling down on the same Download Page

Copy Checkpoint Database 

After Installing the Chia Official Wallet, exit the wallet, and then goto the following folder

C:\Users\<your username>\.chia\mainnet\db

Delete everything in there and copy the database to this folder


Watch me do it LIVE


Join TangGang

The best experience on blockchain is by joining the TangGang.
Start with their discord



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