ABA Core Wallet Upgrade v0.2.2 Windows

Although I use Linux, I have been experimenting using Windows Powershell and since I have the ABA Core Wallet installed, I wanted to do make the video and blog about the upgrade to introduce more people to the ABA Project network.


The Requirements can be found on my previous blog


When I first tested installing the wallet, Python 3.12.3 did not work.
I will continue to use Python 3.11.9

Where we are

As you can see, our current version is 0.1.2.  

Where we want to be

We want to get to the latest 0.2.2.
Without getting into the details, the new version will allow me to create Offer Files for NFTs which is a big part of the blockchain experience.

How to get there

The first thing I recommend is to join the ABA Discord

In the annoucements channel, they have listed their official link to their Github


I'm going to copy and paste the Code here so and copy and paste the code as I do the upgrade LIVE in my video

Clone the Repository and Install

Delete or Rename the existing aba-blockchain folder before you begin

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd aba-blockchain
. ./venv/Scripts/Activate.ps1
aba init
. .\Install-gui.ps1
cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron

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