ABA Upgrading ABA Core Wallet v0.2.4 on Linux


I recently installed the ABA Core Wallet 0.2.3 on Windows with the EXE Installer and it was awesome because it just took a few clicks.  I have been learning LINUX and found that if I can figure things out, it is now my preferred way to do thinks on Chia and ABA.  I want to keep my LINUX version of ABA up-to-date because it's easier to use and there are more resources and help so in this blog and VLog, I will be upgrading my Linux version of the ABA Core Wallet.

Windows Users

Here's a snapshot pic of my Windows ABA Core v0.2.3. 

ABA just got s-EXE-ier - Install the ABA Core Wallet in a few clicks

 If you want to use the EXE installer and setup in just over a minute, you can follow my blog'video where I do it live

Before you Begin

Join Discord

Make sure you join the ABA Discord.  You'll want to keep up-to-date with the annoucements.  It is also the source for OFFERS, so when you create you NFTs, you'll want to post your offers there.  I'm sure a NFT portal will be developed soon but recently I learned that the OGs can firmly plant their roots by participating and getting to know the team, and it all starts in their discord

Discord URL:

Join the ABA Project on X Group

A new group on X named ABA Project on X is a great tool for chatting with the founders and community members.  If you are on X, send me a DM and I will add you to the group

Getting Started with the Upgrade

ABA Links

Visit my ABA Links Page to get to the resouces you need

Open a new tab to the Github Link

We'll also reference the previous install of ABA Core v0.2.1 Linux


As a reminder you need the following software installed first

  1. Python 3.10
  2. Git

You can get the instructions at the following link

In the future, I will create pages on how to install them on separe Blogs

Installing the ABA Core v0.2.4

I will start by updating Linux and then use the following code block to install the wallet

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
git clone --recurse-submodules
cd aba-blockchain
. ./activate
aba init
. ./
cd ../ (if needed)
bash &

Watch me do it LIVE

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Time to get a Dangerous Robot Noodles NFT Collection on the ABA Nework

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