The FOMO Guide to the TangGang Discord Series Part 1:  The Give Aways


The Fear of Missing Out - FOMO IS REAL


I remember receiving my first TangBear and joining the TangGang a few months ago and the airdrops just started.  It was so exciting that I bought a TangBear for one of my favorite artist, Miriam, and of course, I found out she was already part of the TangGang Crew.   

I've been a part of several crypto communities, but the Chia Network keeps me engaged.  I work 7 days a week, and I love giving up my precious sleep to catch up on what the TangGang are doing.  First thing I do when I hit the washroom break with my phone or get off work is check to see if I got a message from Tom Pepe

Airdrops and Donations

Here's a snapshot of the past couple of weeks of the airdrops.  Make sure you own at least one of the following or FOMO will accelerate to REGRETS.



Shout Out to the Anonymous person who donated 0.5 XCH.  I really appreciate the donations but I'm always uncomfortable asking for donations, but I'm really good at thanking people over and over again.   If you have a project or NFT Collection that I can plug, please send me a DM on X so I can do something  for you so I can feel like I earned it.  

Pro Tip: Read my Blog and Watch my Video:

If you're new to Chia and the TangGang, start with my blog and video.  It includes how to get a mobile wallet, buy a Tangbear or DevBear, and get Verified to start receiving airdrops.

TangGang - Everything you need to know for the Chia Experience with the PawKet Mobile Wallet

Everything is on the TangGang Discord


Now that you have your wallet, TangBear and/or DevBear and it's verified, I'm going to go over the TangGang Discord Channels in the FOMO order, which means we're starting with the Give Aways Channels first.  If you haven't joined the TangGang yet, join the Discord First and follow along in the blog

The Give Aways Channel

Here's the current list of Give Aways from the Discord

TangBear Coin Give Away

Well, I saw everyone putting their XCH address, and I had FOMO and just entered my XCH address and left.  I didn't even read what it was for. Griphen21 created a Pure Silver TangBear Coin and the winner gets to buy it and be fully reimbursed by the TangGang.

Holders Give Away Channels

These are great.  You just need to keep coming back and see what's on the list and click on PARTICIPATE

Chiazavr Give Away

If you see a bunch of xch addresses being dropped, have FOMO and drop your address and ask questions later

This Give Away is very cool.  @artboss donated a ChiaZavf and the TangGang bought some more for the Give Away.  Drop your XCH address!

Dread Pirate Roberts Give Away

Another channel with a huge drops of xch addressses.  I just dropped mine This is our chance to get a low supply of Dread Pirate Roberts created by @Klaus

DWB Give Away

DWB Give Away is HOT!   @Bullish0x is coming in just weeks and we get 3 SPINS to win 100k $DWB

10X DataLayer Minions Giveaway

If you don't know who Michael Taylor is welcome to Chia and the TangGang, click on the link and follow him right now! You can never get enough of the DataLayer Minions!

Up Next

The FOMO Guide to the TangGang Discord Series Part 2: Games on Chia

We're going to use the /totals command, check out our Peel Points and go through the Games on Chia Channels and see what we are missing: FOMO!

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