Creating an offer on ABA for NFTs


I just successfully upgraded my ABA wallet to v0.2.2 so I can test buying my first ABA NFT.
As with most crypto projects, the early NFT projects have always become the most valuable NFTs and Steve Step has the first 2 collections on ABA, so I'm going to grab one from each of his collections.

Upgrade Instructions

If you haven't upgraded yet, here's my instructions

Steve Step's NFT Webpages

I saw Steve's Post showing his NFTs on his website.  Looks like he's gone beyond the early discord offers and created his own offer and gallery website.

Steve's Wacky Wonka Vixen's Website

Steve's MEGA ULTRAS Multiverse Website

Buying an NFT with an OFFER FILE



Where to find offers?

Join the Discord

Goto the Offiers Channel

Also Offers on Steve Step's Websites

MEGA Ultraverse

Wacky Wonky Vixens


Create your own NFT Collection

Here's instructions on how I created my NFTs with CLI

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