The FOMO Guide to the TangGang Discord Series Part 2: Peel Points


The Fear of Missing Out - FOMO IS REAL

This is Part 2 of what you are missing out if you have not joined the TangGang Discord.  I'm building a checklist and making videos to help with the FOMO.

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The FOMO Guide to the TangGang Discord Series Part 1:  The Give Aways
The FOMO Guide to the TangGang Discord Series Part 2: Peel Points In this video we will be going over the Games of Chia and the Peel Points


Games of Chia - Peel Points

So now that you are on the TangGang Discord and you participated in all the Giveaways, we need to start collecting Peep Points


We're now entering the GAMES OF CHIA

Keep track of the Annoucements because Tom Pepe is always updating it with all the TangGang Tokens

Here's the latest spreadsheet on which NFTs that earn Peel Points

Make sure you click on the link as this is just a snapshot


The Leaderboarde Channel

This has a TangBot that shows you every week the Leaderboard of the Peel Points

The  Verify Channel

This is where you verified your TangBear or DevBear and unlocked the Give Aways Channel and started to received daily airdrops

PP Totals Channel

Here we will type /totals and it will Retrieve your registered collection date and total PeelPoints and details



PP Games Channel

I never tried this but looking at other users, there are some commands such as /peeloranges and /roll

I just earned 131 Bonus Peel Points by Peeling Oranges

And then lost it when I bet it with /roll 31 

The PP Update Channel

Here you can update your wallet address or add more DIDs

The TangBot will help guide you

The Chia Inventory Channel

There's a game on

I've never played it but in the future if I have the opportunity, I'll give it it try but until then maybe you guys can try it out.

Now that I've looked at this channel more closely, for my FOMO, I now have a better understanding of my Peel Points and which NFTs are earning my Peel Points.
The Give Aways and the Games of Chia are the 2 main categories, but there's more to the discord channel such and Auctions and Comps and Offers.
I'll be paying more closely to the new channels in the future.  Follow me on X @thecryptoecho and I'll sure to post the latest changes so you don't experience the TangGang FOMO.

Pro tip: Follow

Tom Pepe 
NFT Paroday Master
Orange Peel

And make sure you join the Discord


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